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Photography By Kate

Bear Ate My Memory Card

Hello, my name is Kate I’m an 18-year-old photographer located near Branson Missouri. At the age of 14, I fell in love with capturing the beautiful moments in life and I love even more being able to give other people something to remember their special moments with I’ve been working very hard since the age of 14 to make this dream come true and to make it possible for you to remember your special moments in the future.

I’m not relying on my own merits, as I have none, but I put my hope in Him who is goodness and holiness Himself.
-St. Therese

I am located near Salina/Wichita KS

Here Is What I Do

Family Photos

Babies and Infants



Senior photo

Professional handsets


For each type of shoot/event, I do three different levels.  Silver, Gold and Platinum.  Each level includes more time and options.

WEDDINGS -$1,500-$4000 – sitting fee $100 for 10 hours, 200-500 photos. If i’m shooting longer than 6 hours i get a 30 minutes or 2 15 minute break

PLATINUM: $800-1000-sitting fee is $50 for 120 minutes shoot, 2-3 locations, 2-3 outfits, up to 100+ photos

GOLD: $600-700 -sitting is $45 for 90-minute shoot, 2 locations, 2 outfits, up to 60-70 photos.

SILVER: – $150-$350 – sitting fee is $25 for 45-minute shoot, 1 location, 1 outfit, up to 15-30 photos  

LAST Minute Fee – Under normal circumstances I do not do last minute engagements. However, If agree to photograph event in such a situation. All agreements with you, the customer, will be verbal in nature. And a silver level fee will be applied to your bill. If the event is longer than two hours, an additionally hourly fee will be applied. Each photo delivered will be the standard $10/ photo.

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